Room Reservation System Using Google Apps Script

Room Reservation System Using Google Apps Script

Need a room booking system for Google Calendar? Willing to learn a bit of code?

This program allows people to reserve meeting or study rooms using a Google Form. After the user hits submit, the program checks the corresponding calendar. If the room is already reserved at that time, the user receives an email asking them to reschedule. If the room is available, the user receives a message detailing and confirming their reservation.

However, the program is not limited to rooms. In the past, I have used this as a reservation system for seventeen different laptop carts. This application can be used for any item that needs to be reserved and scheduled. The program is flexible and easy to scale up, manage as many or few rooms as you desire.

The video tutorial below demonstrates how I built the program.

Want to copy, mock, edit, steal or praise my code? Feel free.

12 Replies to “Room Reservation System Using Google Apps Script”

  1. Hi… This is Teresa from Hong Kong.
    I found your script and tutorial very useful. Thanks a lot.
    However, I encounter one problem. The start time input thro the google form and the time output to the calendar is different. i.e. the user inputs 0900 as the start time on google form but it shows 0854 when output to the google calendar. I don’t know how to fix it. Is it a matter of timezone? Many thanks.

    1. Hmm, do you mean it is off by minutes? Timezones would be hours, not minutes.

      Care to share the functions for request and end time?

        1. Hello Kurt,
          Thank you so much for taking the time to make this website! It has made all the difference! I am also having trouble with the time variable. How do we modify it to 30 min slots and or making it open ended?

          1. You would have to change it in several spots. I would do a find and look for 20, or whatever number you want to replace and just change all those to 30. I think I walk through each variable in the video.

  2. Hi,

    I am trying to replicate your system in my school. Did you have to create the calendar first before? If so which MIS do you use and how did you pull the timetable data down? I have been on this project a while now. Any information would be amazing.

    Thomas Rose
    Head of Ict and Computer Science Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw

    1. Yes. I created the necessary calendars before. Time should be set by timezone of the owners account, or the timezone they selected for that calendar.

  3. Hello! This is Sano from Korea. Your youtube video is extremely useful and I am extremely happy to use your code. I really appreciate it. It works perfectly well with our community. I just have one question. Is there a way to cancel the reservation by the person who made the reservation?

    1. I have made a form that allows a submission for deletion. You can somewhat reverse engineer the code. However, I haven’t done this recently. If you mean from deleting it directly on the Google Calendar, I haven’t done. I think that can only done by the account owner.

  4. Hello Kurt, I just saw your video and it is a godsend! I am trying to create a room reservation system so thank you very much for making this video. Is there a way to have an administrator approve or deny the reservation requests? I know a little bit of code if you can guide me… thanks for your help

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