About Kurt Kaiser

About Kurt Kaiser

Kurt Kaiser is an experienced teacher skilled in educational technology, technical support, classroom management and curriculum development. Well, that is what LinkedIn auto-generated about Kurt Kaiser– However, I like to think there is a bit more to me. 

I built my first website at twelve, first computer at fifteen. A computer club in junior high helped awkward teen me find a lifelong passion. It is little wonder I ended up as a middle school computer science teacher.

Any technology I get my hands on I tinker with. My latest non-coding projects include a building a headless Ubuntu server for home media, 3D printing Settlers of Catan, unlocking and relocking a cheap Android phone and creating a MineCraft server for some the kids at my local Boys and Girls Club.

Coding start in high school, six years ago it morphed into an obsession. JavaScript has become my go to language, due to my extensive experience using Google’s API, Google Apps Script. Also, using Visual Basic, I have coded several add-ons for Excel to identify, label and organize data, over a hundred thousand rows, collected at archaeological sites. Slowly, I am working a degree in computer science for fun. I frequently use Python, Java and C++ in my coursework.

Oh, and that Kurt Kaiser person, well, for fun, he enjoys running, coffee shops, gardening, video games and queso.