Doctors’ Office Reservation System for Google Calendars

Doctors’ Office Reservation System for Google Calendars

Need a system to manage bookings for multiple calendars at the same time? Want the convenience of a booking system that using Google Calendar?

This program is great for you. The system is perfect for a doctors’ office that has multiple¬†physicians sharing several different rooms.

Patients submit their requests for appointments using a Google Form. The manager of the calendar receives an email notifying them of a new submission, they then choose to approve or reject the request. The system confirms there are no conflicts, it then sends an email to the patient notifying them the appointment has been approved or asking them to reschedule.

Feel free to copy / steal / edit / mock the code to your liking.

4 Replies to “Doctors’ Office Reservation System for Google Calendars”

  1. Hello, Kurt, I really admire your work!
    He wanted to create a room reservation system, where it was possible to eliminate possible schedules according to the date.
    For example, the form is sent on 01 to reserve a room on a certain date and time, on the next shipment to that date, the time is not available. However, if another person also on the 1st, want to book for another date, the time is available.
    it’s possible?

    1. Hello! I am a bit confused. So, there is a conflict, or there isn’t? Are you saying that the shipments are taking up the appointment next to them also?

  2. Great app! Thank you!
    There is one thing that would improve or avoid mistakes. Appointments can only be set in the future.
    As it is now, we can set up appt in the past.

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